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Here are some things you didn’t know lubricant could do…


Whether you’d like to boost pleasure and comfort during penetration, with a sex toy or even engage in some erotic gameplay, lubricant could be your best friend.

When should I use lubricant?

Hold with the ideas for a moment! Your natural lubrication varies with your cycle, so it’s not always a reflection of how excited you are. You might also want to give your natural lubrication mechanism a little boost in times of stress, fatigue, or perhaps before or after childbirth.

In short, if the desire is there and you  want penetration to be a little smoother, lubricant can bring you all the comfort and pleasure you need. It will also help avoid irritation when you use sex toys and could even help you discover the pleasures of anal penetration. So many possibilities for such a small bottle, it’s breathtaking.

Water-based lubricants

Liquid in consistency, water-based lubricants, unlike their silicone cousins, have the advantage of being used with all types of condoms and intimate accessories. However, they do dry fairly quickly so don’t be afraid to re-apply regularly to prolong your pleasure and comfort. To make it easy to use as well as hugely pleasurable, our Encore Histoire d’Eau water-based lubricant comes in a beautiful pump bottle. Squeeze out a dab of gel and enjoy heightened pleasure…

Silicone-based lubricants

These super-naughty gels stay super-slippery, even during your aquatic sexual adventures, since they don’t dissolve in water or dry when in contact with skin. Though they can’t be used with silicone sex toys, they’re the perfect partner to intimate massages, vaginal or anal penetration, ensuring comfort and sensations that last even longer.

Intrigued? Why not try it? Just a few drops of our Encore+, Soft Paris’ silicone-based lubricant will give you hours of delight.

Different flavours and pleasures

Stimulate your senses and discover lubricants with an amazing variety of powers. Turn up the heat under the covers with our Encore+ Hot lubricant, designed to spice up penetration and leave a pleasant feeling of warmth on your skin.

Prefer to tickle your tastebuds? Improvise with your partner and try out Soft Paris’ exotically flavoured, gourmet Trois Iles 3 box set.

Given the huge variety of possible flavours and pleasures, it’s difficult to choose which lubricant to try first. Why not organise a Soft Paris Party in your own home and find out which lubricant is the best match for your desires? A Soft Paris Advisor is on hand to give you tips and advice on how to use the products to get the most out of your nights.

Posted on 12/10/2014 by Marine in News

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