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Memories from the Soft Paris Photoshoots of Happiness


Everyone knows that there are ‘cat people’ and there are ‘dog people’. Anyone who has met Luca Armenia will confidently tell you that he belongs to the former group. He has always loved his cats and therefore it’s logical that many of his Soft Paris memories are intertwined with his cats.

Soft Paris: Creator of happiness for all!

“I remember the shoot with the snake, I think it was a Python. At the time, we did them where we could, which was usually in our offices or apartment”. Imagine bringing a Python to your apartment… “We began to realise that the snake was afraid that the cat was on the prowl, as its head was bowed like it was hunting. In the end, we had to put the snake in a quiet room on its own, so as not to bother it”.

Cats are true travelling companions. “When we went to work it was always the tree of us on the bike, AC (Annelolotte), Tiger and me”, Luca recalls. Then, the offices were in Rue de Clery, in the 2nd district of Paris and they had to drive up and down Boulevard Sebastopol each morning and evening with the cat on the bike. “I had a waist bag with a small zip and harness that I attached. He used to pull his head and paws out, then put them on the gas tank, with his head forward”. Too cute! “We were fools not to take any photos”.

For a photo shoot, there are lots of details that need to be addressed before the day itself, not least to find the models. “I went to a modelling agency and asked them to find a model in the spit of Tuuli, as her husband, Rankin’s pictures of her were all the rage at the time and I loved the style”. “The agency asked me why I hadn’t contacted Tuuli to see if she was available”. It wasn’t a stupid idea and after all, nothing ventured, nothing gained: Tuuli accepted. “I was so happy. Imagine if you’re a huge Rolling Stones fan and they invite you on stage to perform a song with them. It was like a dream come true”.   In addition to creating happiness for its ambassadors and clients during home parties, Soft Paris also brings joy to its creators and founders. You too can be part of Soft Paris – become a Soft Paris Advisor!

Posted on 04/20/2016 by Soft Paris in News

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