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Direct sale: learn to love yourselves more

vente à domicile de lingerie : soft party Softissime

That’s it, this year we learned how to love ourselves more

Learn to love yourselves more with the help of a direct sale

Wether it’s a new diet or a gym subscription, once they come back from holidays all women decide to get back on track and try to regain the perfect body shape.

But who said that if they want to feel good they need to change their body rather than their perception of it?

Nowadays only 1 in 10 women feels beautiful, no matter the time of the year. Everyone of us is on her personal pursuit of perfection and our subconscious provides us a vision of ourselves so warped that we forget that our imperfections are what make us gorgeous and unique.

That is why we created our new direct sale “Softissime”: we would like to help every woman to re-discover her body and make peace with her mirror.

An happyness Advisor is going to show you our latest lingerie collection specifically designed to enhance your curves, no matter your body shape. Far more than a lingerie, cosmetics and accessories (without sextoys) direct sale, “Softissime” is going to teach you how to enhance your body, you are going to take it back, love it, re-discover it and you will feel more beautiful than ever.

Thanks to “Softissime” you won’t need a diet or a detox program anymore, because no matter your age or size… You are beautiful! Join “Softissime” world by clicking on this video!:

Posted on 05/03/2017 by Soft Paris in Soft Paris EN

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