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At Soft Paris we couldn’t be more proud of how far we have come, since the day it all started in 2006. With the support of our ever-growing number of Happiness Advisors, we have never stopped fighting for our beliefs.

For our 11th birthday (December 15th 2017), we would like to remind you of our company DNA: Happiness Creators through direct sales, synonym of closeness.


More than 8000 Happiness Advisors have walked down the path of Happiness with Soft Paris.

Said Happiness is a mission they are deeply committed to: helping women and couples to have a fulfilled life.

This fulfilment also reaches our Happiness Advisors, from a sexual (we hope!), personal and professional point of view.

Growing, fighting dictates, prejudice and taboos, creating happiness, being in charge of their own life, benefitting from every decision made…

Being happy is not a goal, is a conscious decision.

We are deeply touched and proud to witness the beliefs we share with men and women have crossed many borders and found solid ground in Italy, the United Kingdom and far away countries.

After all, Happiness knows no limits.


Soft Paris’ convictions have remained the same since its launch, in 2006.

Freedom, pleasure, sweetness, femininity, sensuality, passion, love, elegance… All of these values are visible and circulated from every aspect of the brand:

- Each and every product (lingerie, cosmetics, accessories, intimate toys) is developed with an eye for detail and trends, as well as needs of both women and men.
- The network of direct sellers is constantly trained on sexology topics and management, using self-development methods. Soft Paris receives testimonies from its satisfied clients and Advisors on social media, blog articles and mail.

There is still a long way to go. But with the support of amazing, tenacious and brave people like our Happiness Advisors and clients, Soft Paris is ready to meet any challenge.

Posted on 12/14/2017 by Soft Paris in News

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