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Exquise - Massage candle

£28.00 - Description -

Solid oil candle which melts into a beautifully scented massage oil. With this elegant Soft Paris 2-in-1 massage candle you can turn soft lighting into an erotic, scented massage. With the funnel to pour, this massage candle is easy to use and invites you on a sensual journey with your partner...perfect for sensual foreplay

- Properties -

Pot 200 g - 7,06 Fl. oz.

Dewy Frangipani, Mediterranean fig : Made in Europe.

  • For external use only.  
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Finished product is not tested on animals
  • creamy texture
  • Highly moisturising thanks to shea butter and olive oil 
  • Do not use in case of irritation, inflammation or local lesion .
  • Do not apply product to sensitive parts of the skin.
  • Never leave burning candle unattended . 
  • Do not swallow. Do not place a flammable or fragile surface . 
  • Rinse with water if irritation occurs . 
  • Cut the wick regularly about 1 cm. Make sure the wick stays in the center of the candle.

The date of minimum durability (expiry date) cosmetics is the date of minimum use of the product stored under appropriate conditions. For proper preservation of your cosmetic product, avoid temperature differences, heat sources and direct exposure to sunlight . If, beyond this date, the product has questionable aspects, it should no longer be used. 

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