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Déliverance - Hand and ankle cuffs

£55.00 - Description -

Four elegant straps for wrists and ankles which are placed under the mattress to secure your partner to the bed. The straps are soft and comfortable and offer just the right level of restraint.

- Properties -

Lined ankle and wrist cuffs in delicate lace with a metal ring.
Wrist: 5.5cm wide, 26cm long, with a 16cm additional adjustment
(x4 wrists per set; 2 ankles and 2 bracelets)
Wrist straps, 4 per set, which can be up to 150 cm long, fully adjustable
Strap x1 per set, the middle section (positioned under the bed, attaches to the wrist straps x4) 145cm long, not adjustable
Central section 1 + 2 + 2 link, links wrists & ankles, delicate lace with metal rings. Fully adjustable straps to 150cm.

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