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Dahlia - Patent leather handcuffs

£38.00 - Description - What are those? Glam-rock bracelets or handcuffs? Can you tell? Dahlia could be both, depending on the occasion...
Black fine leather, varnish on one side and suede on the other: these precious handcuffs are our most lecherous, hum... (freudian slip!) luxurious product.
Dahlia handcuffs are adorned with flat golden studs, equipped with golden buckles to adjust their girth and a golden clasp to join them together.
Each of them is engraved with Soft Paris' logo.
- Properties - Black leather, varnish and suede handcuffs, golden studs, buckles and clasp.
Engraved with Soft Paris' logo.

Dimensions: 2'' (handcuff's height), from 2'' to 3'' (handcuff's major axis), 4'' (clasp's length)
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