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Lilas - Menstrual cup

£19.00 - Description -

Fed up with tampons and pads? If you are looking for a way to manage your periods in a more comfortable way, search no more... Lilas is here to serve you.

Our innovative hygiene product respects the environment and your vaginal flora at the same time: made entirely of Platinum-silicone, it's hypoallergenic and can be worn for up to 12 hours.

Goodbye to leaks and itchings, Lilas is perfect for travelling and playing sports!

- Properties -

Purple silicone menstrual cup

Dimensions: 1.7'' (diameter), 2.3'' (max height, the stem can be easily trimmed depending on your anatomy)

Materials: 100% Platinum-silicone

Equipped with neoprene bag and instructions leaflet


Before use, sterilise for 5 minutes in large quantity of boiling water or use a steriliser (always rince cup in cold water first)

Don't use Lilas for more than 12 hours in a row.

Clean Lilas with Soft Paris' l'Indispensable or neutral soap only

Remove Lilas before sexual activity

Lilas is not a contraceptive method and doesn't protect you from STDs

Use Lilas with Soft Paris' Encore Histoire d'Eau or a water-based lubricant only (avoid silicone-based ones!!)

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