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Give & Love - Checkbook

£12.00 - Description -

Somebody once said "Choose your love. Love your choice"... our newest product is all about making the right choice, at the right time.
Give & Love is a very unusual cheque book: instead of enabling you to receive money, you will be entitled to something even better... pleasure.
Made of 25 coupons and 3 jokers, the lucky person getting this amazing gift will have the opportunity to ask her/his partner to do whatever the chosen coupon says, whenever she/he wants.
Some examples? A role play, a sexy photoshoot, a sensual dance... aren't you curious to find out what the others could guarantee you?
In French and Italian only.

- Properties -

60 pages cheque book: 4 pages cover + 25 coupons (French) + 25 Coupons (Italian) + 3 Jokers (French) + 3 Jokers (Italian)

Dot-perforated line to easily remove the coupons

Dimensions: 5.5'' x 3''

Luxury quality paper

This product is only available at a Soft Paris Party